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3 Reasons Bible Marking Helps You Hear God Better

I came to know Jesus in a strict Baptist church. The family who brought me to church, the Dandridges (bless their souls!), were ultra-conservative (not the way I believe Jesus wants us to live) but their lifestyle taught me a lot about living modestly and savoring the important things.

A few things that I was taught:

  • Don’t place anything on top of your Bible.
  • Turn a page like it was a dead leaf about to crumble.

I’m 100% about revering the word of God, it is the most precious thing I could own, but it is also mine. And I like to do things differently.

(I would like to note that the principles above may apply in places where Bibles are illegal, or in the past when owning ANY book was a big deal, but not in America today.)

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3 Reasons Bible Marking Helps You Hear God Better

As Christians, we widely agree that God created man and the entire universe, right? That would make our God a highly creative individual.

Just look at the array of landscapes He made. The colors the leaves change in the fall. The different flavors of heirloom tomatoes. The softness of a cat. The melody of a robin. The scent of jasmine. Not to mention the stars and galaxies and planets we know nothing about. God is creative.

He made us like Him (Genesis 1:26), therefore we are creative. We all have different ways of expressing that, and most of us do something with our hands:

  • draw
  • paint
  • sculpt
  • write
  • etc

So, to get to know Him better, it makes sense to do things He would appreciate. Like, writing a poem about Him, painting a lovely field He has made, drawing the thoughts of your heart.

Many of us have heard God speak to us through the Bible, so why wouldn’t we combine the Bible with creativity? This is where the Dandridges would have told me, “No Bible marking, have reverence to for the Word of God.”

I can say that I have the utmost respect for the Word of God. I believe it is the truth. I’m also in an intimate relationship with God and I share my heart through poetry and drawing. He gets that.

I’m not taking a Sharpe to the verses I don’t like or turning it into my doodle book. I am thoughtfully reflecting on the Word and what is in my heart, it is just a different form of praise and worship.

Here is an example of my own Bible marking:


This drawing is next to Psalm 34, my favorite Psalm. I read this when I need help focusing on the goodness of God instead of my problems.

Bible marking has helped me hear God more clearly. After I drew this, I was at peace with the strife that was happening. It is very therapeutic, much like vocal worship.

Below are the three reasons Bible marking will help YOU hear God better:

1. Art journaling will help you focus on your emotions and sorting through them in a positive way. God can reveal a new perspective or solution via drawing. It is also therapeutic and can be encouraging to others.

2. Writing is a very helpful tool to uncover the emotional baggage you may have buried. Reading God’s word in tandem with writing can give you revelation in your own life.

It can show you where you may be harboring unforgiveness, or where you are not fully trusting Him. It is also a great way to document your walk with Jesus.

3. Memorization can help the Word of God be firmly planted in your heart and “renew” your mind to it as Romans 12:2 talks about.

The Holy Spirit reminds you of memorized verses when you need them most (John 14:26). The first step of memorizing a verse or two is by highlighting or underlining it. It needs to be easily referenced and using bright colors will help.

God wants to talk to you, and the best way to start hearing His voice is through the Bible. Coupling His word with Bible marking will amplify His ability to speak to you because you already understand what it is to be creative.

Understanding His word and hearing His voice can be challenging at times, make it easier with Bible marking.


If you want a Journaling Bible, like I have pictured above with margins for writing and drawing, move-the-mountains.com will soon be offering them. The website will provide Jounaling Bibles in this antique yellow style and a leather version with scandi-leaves.

I firmly believe that God wants you to get creative with Him, mark up that Bible! Just don’t cover up His words and use the pages to make origami. 😉

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  1. Thanks for sharing, great insight, i found out about bible journaling last October or so when my friend posted about it, i got a new journaling bible for my birthday, the esv like in your pic except that its red. I saw another one that ends up I’m getting for christmas that is a kjv, which two at least I’m finding myself needing because of in depth study we enjoy although we dont attend church.

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