You are why I do what I do
How God moved mountains to make Move the Mountains a reality
We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Bible journaling goods, knows they are getting a high quality item that will help them dive into God’s Word creatively and start their own adventure with Him.

-Amanda Schenkenberger
Creative Owner at Move the Mountains

Before I began Move the Mountains, I found myself lacking in the creative department of my life with a strong longing to express my heart on the page artistically.

Then one day I discovered Bible journaling. My heart soared at the idea of combining the Word and art but I still lacked the ability to express myself creatively, then God invited me on an adventure. He asked me to trust Him and discover and develop products that would help women like me.

I was concerned that with no artistic background I would fail miserably, but I had to trust God to be faithful and bring the resources I needed exactly when I needed them.

After prayful consideration, I decided to launch Move the Mountains with the heart of curating and creating the most helpful Bible journaling goods for Christian women in the United States and internationally.

As it turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Lacking experience with art and design, I struggled with my confidence that I could create something helpful for Christian women like me. Also, I had 2 little boys (now 3 boys), and it was difficult to find time to invest in Move the Mountains.

But I kept praying and learning to trust God with things bigger than myself and to no surprise, God showed up.

He blessed me with helpful ideas for products and tutorials, and a talent for watercolor and lettering. God was growing my faith to move mountains artistically and in my heart.

Through it all, I released the first products and the response has been pure love from everyone who sees our Bible journaling goods.

Over and over again I hear, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for but could not find.” And that puts a big smile on my face. For a living, I get to bless Christian women and I am constantly reminded how faithful God is. How great is that?!