Have your been searching for Bible journaling aides? The Illuminated Collection is here to save the day!
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The Heroic Tale of the Illuminated Collection – Rescuing Bible Journaling Beauties Everywhere!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful journaling Bible that ached to be created in. It longed for its lovely pages to be drawn and lettered upon but sadly, this beautiful Bible's master was paralyzed by fear: She lacked confidence in her artistic abilities and feared ruining the pages of her b...

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Learn how to Bible journal in three easy steps!
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How to Bible Journal in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to the beautiful world of Bible journaling! Are you ready to learn how to Bible journal in 3 easy steps? My name is Amanda Schenkenberger (creator of Move the Mountains) and I'm here to help you get started in learning how to Bible journal!Are you new to Bible journaling or did you just get ...

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