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Bible Journaling Challenge: Easter

Bible Journaling Challenge: Easter

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge where we have been focusing on Lent the last two months.

Today we get to talk about the best part of Lent which is the Resurrection of Jesus! With Easter on Sunday, we get the opportunity to celebrate a reason for our hope: We have been reconciled with God and we are now His daughters!

If you are ready for an encouraging word and a simple art tutorial, tune into to Amanda!


  1. Write down three things that mean the most to you the were provided by the Resurrection of Jesus! Take a little bit of time and spend time in God’s Word studying this. A good place for you to start is the red words in your Bible of Jesus or specifically the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7).
  2. Once you have written these down, go to my Pinterest Bible Journaling Board by clicking here and choose a flower pattern you would like to copy. Don’t forget to follow my board for continued help!
  3. If you gave something up for Lent, review the last 6 to 7 weeks with the Lord and ask Him how He has changed you. Ask yourself if you see yourself differently than you did when you began and if you’ve grown in the area.
  4. In prayer, commit to God that this change is permanent and you desire to honor Him and the sacrifice of Jesus.
  5. Thank Him for the Resurrection!
  6. Get a non-Christian to come to your church’s Easter service and share the Gospel!

DSC05630 (2)I appreciate you understanding about my extended break! I have a few fun ideas planned for you when I come back. If you have any suggestions, please mention them in the comments below!

Much peace and love,



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