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3 Simple Bible Journaling Ideas

Need a jump start in your Bible journaling? Get started with these 3 simple Bible journaling ideas!Are you new to Bible journaling or prayer journaling? Learning how to get the creative gears turning can be a challenge, even seasoned creatives and journalers can struggle with this sometimes. Allow me to help you get started with these 3 simple Bible journaling ideas.

In my usual teacher fashion, I’ve also created a helpful, printable guide that you can download! It has a list of questions you can ask yourself and God, it has thankful prompts, and an inspirational resource!

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Let’s remind ourselves how we’ll use these Bible journaling ideas before we try to jump in: these Bible journaling ideas are for growing your relationship with God and training you in His word, it is not about pretty pictures!

girls writingYou may have never heard that Bible journaling is for training, but 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says:

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

What this verse essentially means is that there is something you can learn from every piece of Scripture. You can learn how to align the thoughts of your heart with God’s heart, you can learn that you are (or are not) honoring Him by your actions, you can learn about how you are right with God because you belong to Jesus, etc.

girl rememberingWhy is Scripture this way? Because God designed it to be that way. He created your inner most being and He knows what makes you tick. When you read Scripture and apply it to yourself, God knows it will change you spiritually. It is like physical training will change your physical body. Training yourself with His word will help you find your identity in Him, and it is then that you realize you are complete in Him. Therefore, you are able to do His good works like 2nd Timothy says!

As a Bible study writer with an evangelically background (a fancy term that means I believe we are called to share Jesus with people, it is not just a private thing), I am always highlighting verses that tell us to share our faith and story, but I know that can be hard for people.

Sharing Jesus

flowers1Telling someone about Jesus can be scary. Because He means so much to you, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to share Him. If they reject you, they reject Him and that is a big deal! There is a lot of pressure and you don’t want to mess it up or come off as a “judgmental Christian”.

Why am I talking about this when you thought this post was for Bible journaling ideas? Because Bible journaling has to do with getting trained in the word of God so that you can better share your faith.

It is about growing in your personal relationship with Him and finding yourself so strongly rooted in Him that you can do His good works. At least, that is what the Bible says.

My point is this: I don’t want you to take your Bible journaling lightly. Don’t let someone who doesn’t understand it diminish its importance and recognize that this time will cause your soul to flourish. End rant.

Now, let’s get started with these 3 Simple Bible Journaling Ideas!

1. Thank Him.

DSC04418 (2)As Christians, we should always have our blessings in the forefront of our mind. It helps us keep the right heart perspective in a dark world. There are times in our life where this may be difficult, but it is such an important thing for us to journal!

In your journaling Bible (or journal or regular Bible), write down as many significant blessings that you can think of…things that you are thankful for and are not likely to change.

For example: Your loving parents or spouse, your church family, owning your own Bible, being saved, your beautiful children, etc.

DSC02614You can also focus on the blessings of God’s character (these will never change). He is amazing, His character is flawless, and He can take care of us like no other. You can thank Him for His faithfulness, His healing presence, His love, etc.

To use this technique, start in prayer and thank Him. Then you can move to writing the blessings down in your Bible or journal. Lastly, if you are inspired, you can hand letter a verse that highlights one of His characteristics or illustrate one of the people or things you are thankful for!

2. What did I learn?

Read the section of Scripture you are studying a few times and think about it in these terms:


  • How can I use this in my life?
  • Is there something I need to change in my walk with God?
  • Does this remind me of a situation I am in?
  • What does this teach me about God’s heart?
  • How does this verse point to Jesus?
  • Did I learn something new?

After answering one or more of these questions, close your eyes and pray. Ask God to write His word on your heart so that you always remember it.

DSC02338 (2).JPGIf you would like to illustrate your answer but have no ideas, close your eyes and ask Him to give you a picture. If you are new to this, it is kind of like when you close your eyes and I say, “Fire truck”. You automatically get a flash of a red fire engine in your head. This is the same thing.

Also, if you are new to drawing/asking for pictures from God, you should probably sketch out the idea on a piece of paper before trying it in your Journaling Bible or art journal.

3. Get inspired!

adventiluuSometimes, just looking at the faith art of others can be a motivator to get the creative gears churning. I have cultivated a special Bible journaling board with simple and inspiring Bible journaling posts that can help you get started! I highly suggest you follow this board and also follow me on Instagram!

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leatherjournalingbible3 (2)There are many ways to get engaged in the art of Bible Journaling, a few of them are: thanking Him, intentionally studying His word, and simply being inspired by others.

I hope these options help you get started with Bible journaling and satisfy your creative soul! Be blessed!

Don’t forget to download your free, printable guide!





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