Have you ever taken the time to think about your heart motivation?

Heart Motivation: It’s a Big Deal to Jesus

Have you ever sat back and thought about why you do the things you do, why you feel the things you feel?

Jesus cares more about your heart motivation than you probably realize. Today, I want to invite you on a challenging journey that may begin your adventure of freedom.

Tune into our video of how Bible journaling with pencil art!

Bible Journaling with Pencil Art Video

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge hosted by Amanda Schenkenberger, creator of Move the Mountains.

This week we will continue in our focus of the Cross and Lent while challenging ourselves to try pencil art. Amanda has a short message about speaking truth and forgiveness but this week we will mainly focus on employing the principles of colored pencils!

Learn how to pray for healing in 5 steps!

How to Pray for Healing in 5 Steps

Praying for healing can be a very emotional experience, especially if you are praying for someone you love.

Today, I’m going to give you a simple outline of how to pray for healing so that when you feel your heart strings begin to get entangled, you can still have the right verbiage even though all you want to do is cry.

Tune into our Bible journaling video about gesso and watercolor.

Bible Journaling Video: Gesso and Watercolor

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create where we are focusing on our Lenten Bible Journaling Challenge!

During this part of Lent, we are taking our focus from February’s theme of “In the Quiet Place” to “The Cross”. Join me on today’s journey as I talk about watercolor, gesso, and communion!

Let's jump into God's Word and learn how to replace a lie with the truth!

How to Replace a Lie with the Truth in 3 Steps

Humans have a tendency to over complicate things. When we are faced with a challenge (like replacing a lie with the truth), we easily get overwhelmed because we don’t know the steps to take. I’m going to break down how to replace a lie with the truth in 3 easy steps so you don’t have to be swamped with figuring it out yourself!

Join us for our Lent Bible journaling challenge!

Lent Bible Journaling Challenge: What’s the Point?

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains. Being a week into our Lent Bible Journaling Challenge, you may be wondering, “What’s the point…

Paralyzed by what COULD happen? Let's look into God's Word and learn how to not be afraid of the "what ifs"!

How to Not be Afraid of the “What Ifs”

Do you live life being afraid of the “what ifs?” Would you like to learn how to not be afraid of them? I know I do! My assumptions of what…

Join our Lenten study while we enjoy a handwriting tutorial.

Bible Journaling: Handwriting Tutorial and Lent

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains. Today, I will be continuing on the topic of Lent and giving a handwriting tutorial.

Join our Lenten study that focuses around Bible journaling!

Bible Journaling: Lenten Study

Bible Journaling-The way Tuesdays to Create is designed is that you have a video challenge to watch, Bible journaling questions to answer, and an art prompt to follow based on Scripture. You have the whole week to finish the Challenge!

This month’s topic is “In the Quiet” with a focus on Lent.

Have you been wondering where true confidence comes from? Tune into Melissa's guide to debunking confidence!

The How To Guide to Debunking Confidence

An article about how to debunk confidence and feeling confident even when you don’t feel like it.