Wondering what you should be doing in your prayer time? Check out this article on prayer!

The Truth about What to do in Your Prayer Time

Because quiet times with God are so very personal, I find that people are often unwilling to share in fear that they may be judged. While this is understandable, there is a wrong way to do your prayer time and you must learn to be vulnerable and let the word of God instruct you.

Get inspired by God and learn how to ask Him to bless you artistically!

Inspired by God: Ask Him to Bless You Artistically

If you have ever felt inspired by God to paint, draw, write, or do anything artistically but were disappointed by the expression of your heart on paper, be encouraged! God will help you, you only need to ask Him.

Today, I want to share the stories of three beautiful women, who were in the same situation as you are now, but now are artists for God’s Kingdom in hopes of helping you do the same.

Do you believe in true love?

Do You Believe in True Love?

I mean the kind of true love that reflects Cinderella and Prince Charming, Westley and Buttercup, and Esther and Boaz. I want to share with you the day I encountered…

Looking for free Christmas gift tags? Download these 6 free designs!

6 Free Christmas Gift Tags that Celebrate God

As for you and me, while the shop’s displays are dazzling, we know what Christmas is about. Like me, I know you want to celebrate Jesus’ birth! So, to give a Jesus twist to our Christmas packaging, here are 6 simple Christmas Prayer gift tags that you can use!

Out of love for you, I have made them easy to download straight from your email!

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Invest in the Soul Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide – 2015 Aaahhh, Christmas time. The smell of cookies, pine trees, and peppermint. Gifts, ornaments, and twinkling lights galore! I love Christmas and I think you probably…

Check out this free guide about how to make a prayer journal for a friend or yourself!

DIY How to Make a Prayer Journal as a Gift

DIY – How to Make a Prayer Journal as a Gift
‘Tis the season to give good things! I know that many of you lovely ladies are crafty and enjoy making gifts for friends. I am too.

While making something cutsie can be fun, many of you desire to give a gift with soul significance. So, I decided to do a DIY Prayer Journal Gift Tutorial Guide!
Download your free step by step guide here!

5 fun Bible facts you probably didn't know!

5 Fun Bible Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

  Hurray! It is NATIONAL BIBLE WEEK and I’ve ¬†got some big announcements coming your way! Did you know there is a whole week each year dedicated to celebrating the…

Do you want to access the power of prayer? Tune into our article to get the step by step process!

The Truth about the Power of Prayer

You want to know how to have a powerful prayer time?

It isn’t a formula, sorry. The truth about powerful prayer is that you have to know a few things about your position in the kingdom.

Do you want to know how to intimately study the Bible? Read this article for a step by step process!

How to Intimately Study the Bible

Piece by piece is the answer. And where is a great place to start? With your favorite verse!

Everyone has that one favorite verse. It speaks something to them; it speaks truth and encouragement. It is their go to when they are hurting or when they need hope. Take a second, if you haven’t already, and determine which verse that is for you.

Does your spirit need to be encouraged? Check out these 4 encouraging Bible verses!

4 Encouraging Bible Verses to Be Delighted By on Rainy Days

Rainy days come and rainy days go, but who you are in Christ never changes. Sometimes those rainy days get us down and we need to remember why we have hope, why we should not fear, and why we are overcomers.