Paralyzed by what COULD happen? Let's look into God's Word and learn how to not be afraid of the "what ifs"!

How to Not be Afraid of the “What Ifs”

Do you live life being afraid of the “what ifs?” Would you like to learn how to not be afraid of them? I know I do! My assumptions of what…

Join our Lenten study while we enjoy a handwriting tutorial.

Bible Journaling: Handwriting Tutorial and Lent

Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains. Today, I will be continuing on the topic of Lent and giving a handwriting tutorial.

Join our Lenten study that focuses around Bible journaling!

Bible Journaling: Lenten Study

Bible Journaling-The way Tuesdays to Create is designed is that you have a video challenge to watch, Bible journaling questions to answer, and an art prompt to follow based on Scripture. You have the whole week to finish the Challenge!

This month’s topic is “In the Quiet” with a focus on Lent.

Have you been wondering where true confidence comes from? Tune into Melissa's guide to debunking confidence!

The How To Guide to Debunking Confidence

An article about how to debunk confidence and feeling confident even when you don’t feel like it.

What is Tuesdays to Create?

Bible Journaling Challenge: Tuesdays to Create

I am very excited to announce that I will be continuing the Bible Journaling Challenge! So many lovely ladies have asked Angie Gordon and I to keep doing challenges, I decided to make it a regular thing on my blog!

Just like in the Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge, I will be recording about a 5 minute video to watch and give you written prompts afterward. The prompts will be a challenging combo of art and writing!

Ready to be fearless? Read our article on the Armor of God prayer!

Armor of God Prayer – Be Fearless

We are knights and warrior princesses in His army and if we go to battle without putting on our armor, we run the risk of receiving spiritually fatal blows.

Learn about the Armor of God and create a prayer to put it on!

Want to know how to restore your joy? Take a snow day for the soul!

Joy: How to take a Snow Day for the Soul

How do you restore your joy? How do you bring life back to your tired soul? How do you once again overflow with God’s love? You take a snow day for your soul!

Are you struggling with learning how to rejoice in all things? Tune into Amanda while she brings a fresh perspective on this!

Learning How to Rejoice in All Things

Rejoicing is all about your perspective. This is what is key in your relationship with God and your walk of faith.

Looking for Bible art for your home? Check out these 4 Bible verses about hope as decor!

4 Bible Verses about Hope to Have in Your Home

Have you ever found that reading encouraging Bible verses in the midst of a trial can be very empowering? Especially those Bible verses about hope! Situations can look bleak but after…

Do you have Bible studying procrastination? Check out these 10 tips to cure that!

10 Easy Questions to Cure Your Bible Studying Procrastination

With the New Year in full swing, you are probably still pretty gung-ho about your resolutions. If you have chosen to be in God’s Word more this year, reading Scripture…