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How can the New Abide Journaling Bible help me?

Ever felt lost when you opened up your Bible?

Have you ever felt lost when you have opened up your Bible? You know it’s important to read Scripture and you may even want to, but the Bible is so big…you don’t know where to begin.

You are not the only person to have felt this! Hi, my name is Amanda and I have felt lost when I’ve opened my Bible too.

I’ve even felt ashamed at not knowing where to start and it has been a mission of mine to help Christian women just like you get into God’s Word and enjoy it!

That is why I am over the moon to share the new Abide Journaling Bible with you, because it encourages you to engage with Scripture and linger longer in His Word.

Already know you want to add this Bible to your shelf? Click the button below to add it to your cart (debuts November 15th, 2020).

If you would like to know more about this new Bible, let’s begin with what the Abide Journaling Bible is (and is NOT).

What is the Abide Journaling Bible?

The Abide Journaling Bible is written in the New King James Version with 9 point font and has large margins for journaling.

However, this is not your average journaling Bible with blank margins. Much of these margins are filled with different methods of engaging in Scripture, 5 different methods to be exact.

These different techniques are:

1. Contemplate
2. Journaling
3. Picture it
4. Praying Scripture
5. Engage through art

The goal of these techniques is to help you engage with Scripture no matter where you are in the Bible.

Interspersed throughout the Bible on almost every page is a thoughtful way to engage with the Bible. 

Sometimes you’ll find a prayer to pray, other times you’ll see classical art to inspire you, and so much more! The design of this Bible is incredibly thoughtful in regards to encouraging you to contemplate Scripture.

But there are some things this Bible is NOT.

The Abide Journaling Bible is NOT an art journaling Bible. This Bible is strictly a pencil and pen, notetaking Bible.

This Bible also is NOT a study Bible. True study Bibles have breakdowns of the text from the Hebrew and Greek, historical references, inspired interpretations, and more. The Abide Journaling is specifically designed to help you ENGAGE with Scripture, not necessarily to study it.

If you are looking for a study Bible (there currently are no journaling study Bibles that I know of, but I do suggest the Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible by Jack W. Hayford).

How can this Bible help me?

The biggest way the Abide Journaling Bible can help you is by providing prompts that lead to a deeper understanding and experience of God’s Word. These prompts highlight key themes throughout the Word and bring Scripture to life making a lasting impression on your heart.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been journaling in Scripture since 2011 (at least) and the methods included in this Bible have been encouraging even to me! They are so thoughtfully worded, they truly help me think more deeply about the Word and reflect on its meaning.

This Bible brings new life to my time in the Word by reminding me of the importance of praying Scripture, the benefits of journaling, and helping me digest the Word through good questions.

There is even a guide on how to use this Bible where it explains the 5 different methods of engaging in Scripture.


Personally, I am overjoyed to have this Abide Journaling Bible on my library shelves because it gets me excited to be in God’s Word and I no longer feel lost when I open my Bible.

If you’re ready to add it to your personal library, click the button below and add it to your cart (Debuts November 15th, 2020).

Do you have any questions about the Abide Journaling Bible? Feel free to comment below with any questions!

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