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Invest in the Soul Gift Guide

Be a Sensational Gift Giver (1)Christmas Gift Guide – 2015

Aaahhh, Christmas time. The smell of cookies, pine trees, and peppermint. Gifts, ornaments, and twinkling lights galore! I love Christmas and I think you probably do to (unless you’re a Scrooge like my husband).

Like me, you are probably super excited to buy and make gifts for your closest friends and family but what to get them may be plaguing you! While everyone seems to like chocolate or gift cards, you want your gift to be sensational! You want it to last for a lifetime!

Allow me to inspire you with an amazing gift guide made up of handmade gifts, Biblical gifts, and even one you can make!

1. Journaling Bible


Yes, you knew it was coming! I cannot explain how valuable this gift can be. Not only is it a sacred area of expression (whether in writing or painting or drawing) it is also a way to grow intimately in your personal walk with Jesus and dig into the word of God. A journaling Bible is the ultimate soul-investing gift!

2. Christian Adult Coloring Book

livelovedIf you are a doodler, you have seen the recent resurgence of adult coloring books, which is amazing! It is relaxing but it also helps you focus throughout the rest of the day. This “Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book” by Margaret Feinberg is based on Bible verses! What a lovely way to meditate on scripture!

3. Custom Bible cover

angiesbiblecoverMy friend, Angie Gordon from Gathered & Sown, can do an array of customization for leather Bible covers. This woman has mad skills with a sewing machine! My personal favorite is the one which has Philippians 4:13 and Jeremiah 31:3 on the cover. It is so inspiring!

4. Prayer journal handmade by you

prayerjournalThere are times where I want to hand make a soul-inspiring gift, and Christmas is a perfect time for that! A couple of weeks ago, I created a DIY tutorial with printable free guide to make a Prayer Journal! This guide gives you an easy step by step way to create a prayer journal for a friend!

faith5. Buy a Faith art print

If you are confident you know the recipient’s style and tastes well, then a faith art print is a great idea! Every time they look at it, they will be encouraged and think of you (bonus!).

6.  Inspirational Bible verse mug

mugI love having Bible verses everywhere. It is so important that we saturate our lives in the word of God, and one great way to do that is to give a mug with a Bible verse on it! If your friend is a coffee or tea drinker, then a mug like this a  great idea!




7. Bible verse necklacenecklace

Gee Amanda, is there anything you suggest that doesn’t have Bible verses? NO, the answer is NO! Scripture should be on everything!

8. Bible verse apparel

She is clothing is one of my favorite apparel stores right now. I love the simplicity of their designs and just having something in French gives you a bonus star in my book.

sheisActually, if you were thinking of getting a gift for me, you should buy this one. I’m a size small and I’d like the “Elle est forte” with gold lettering! 😉

So, if you want to be a sensational gift giver, then these soul-investing gifts are some great options…or at the very least great ideas to get a started!

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide!

Which gift do you like best? What would you like your family and friends to get you?

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