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6 Free Christmas Gift Tags that Celebrate God

christmasprayers (3)Finally, it is that time of year again! Fa la la la’s fill the air, people are wrapping presents with Christmas gift tags, the spirit of generosity is blooming, lights are twinkling, everyone is wearing cozy sweaters or Star Wars themed ugly Christmas sweaters…ahh, whatever. To each his own.

As for you and me, while the shop’s displays are dazzling, we know what Christmas is about and we want to celebrate it! So, to give a thoughtful twist to our Christmas packaging, here are 6 simple Christmas Prayer gift tags you can use!

Out of love for you, I have made the Christmas  gift tags easy to download. They go straight to your email ready to print!

downloadfreeprintable (2)

Here is a preview of the prayers (btw, the Christmas gift tags are super cute and trendy):

  1. May your path be lit as brightly as the Magi’s was.
  2. May your home be draped in blessing and peace in years to come.
  3. Our king is born, His spirit we adorn. Blessed be you, faithful and true!
  4. May joy unspeakable fill your heart and home today.
  5. May God shower you and yours in nothing but love, grace, and beauty this Christmas.
  6. May honor and strength flourish in your heart as you draw near to God.

You can use the Christmas prayers however you like: you can download the gift tags, use the prayers in your Christmas cards, or use them to pray for your friends and family!

These could be a short prayer at Christmas dinner, a benediction when you part with your loved ones, or a blessing when you enter a home. Jesus is alive and He goes with you wherever you go. You have the power to release His love with your words!

The power of life and death are in the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

If you are short on time, I highly suggest using the download. If you have cardstock at home, print your free gift tags on the cardstock and use a hole punch to add a spot for a ribbon.

Don’t miss out on these trendy gift tags, download them today!

downloadfreeprintable (2)

If you are on Instagram have a knack for gift wrapping, I’d love to see how you used these! Use the hashtag #movethemountains and I will be on the lookout to share your lovely gift wrapping!

Have a very Merry Christmas!




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