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DIY How to Make a Prayer Journal as a Gift

DIY – How to Make a Prayer Journal as a Gift

DIY How to Create a‘Tis the season to give good things! I know that many of you lovely ladies are crafty and enjoy making gifts for friends. I am too.

While making something cutsie can be fun, many of you desire to give a gift with soul significance. So, I decided to do a DIY Prayer Journal Gift Tutorial Guide!

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Where to start?

Before you even hit the craft store, you need to take a second and think about your friend and your giftings. Some of you are scrapbookers, some of are illustrators, some of you just go with the flow. So, take a few minute and think about the friend who you will make this prayer journal for:

  • dandelionHow old is she?
  • What two adjectives do you think describe her style?
  • How will she use the prayer journal?
  • What season of life is she in?
  • What are some ideas for a verse theme?
  • Also, what is in YOUR budget?

Age will determine much of the style and how large to make everything.
Grandma is going to need much larger font styles and room to write versus a teenager.

Pick two descriptive words to describe her style. This will help you tailor the journal to her tastes. Is she wanderlust at heart? Traditional? Modern? Boho? Shabby-chic?

Think about how she will be using the Prayer Journal: Will she take it to church to write down sermon notes? Will she use it at a small or large desk? Picture where you see your friend journaling and think of the best size for the space she will use it in.

girl typing

What season of life is she in? Is she a busy student and needs something portable? Did she just loose someone and need a place to keep blessings and share her sorrows with God? Does she need a durable journal that will stand up against baby drool?

Now that you have thought about all of these things, it is time to pick a verse for journal’s theme.

Here are some examples that may help you pick a verse: 

If your friend is a new Christian and you want to give her some basics: Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8).

If she is struggling with trusting God: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

If your friend is engaged or newly married: Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

DSC01878 (2)Above all, ask God. Even if you don’t know the Bible well, ask Him for a verse. Once, my girlfriend who was a new Christian asked God to give her a verse for my birthday to bless me. He lead her to the beginning of 2 John, the only book of the New Testament that is written to a woman. And she knew nothing about the Bible! Pretty cool, right?

If you need to know a general direction, ask Him what promises your friend needs to be reminded of right now. If you feel totally lost, you can always google “encouraging Bible verses”!

All of these questions should have an answer before you head to the craft store. It is dangerous to your bank account to visit to a craft store with no budget or outline.

Plan on using some of the craft supplies you already have on hand. You can combine the style you’ve envisioned with your own style. After all, the gift is from you, you are part of the gift. Whoever you are making this Prayer Journal for is your friend, so she likes you. Don’t be afraid to add some of your personality’s pizzazz.

Once you have all these ideas firmly established, hit the craft store or Amazon.com! You can find a lot of amazing deals without ever leaving your house!

Ready to start crafting?

DSC04500 (2)

I have decided to make a Prayer Journal for my super trendy mom friend. We’ll call her Diane, in case my REAL friend reads this before I give it to her!

1. Pick a verse as a blessing for the Prayer Journal.

If you haven’t picked a verse theme at this point, do so now. It will guide your the whole crafting experience! Write it down and save the verse for the cover or the front page.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t pick a verse theme. I actually decided to create an “Encouragement” section where I write a whole bunch of verses instead of choosing just one. I’m heavy on the Bible like that. 😉

2. Plan Sections for the Prayer Journal.

I have planned 4 sections for Diane’s journal: #momlife prayers, prayers for my husband, heart cries, and encouragement.

I am designing this Prayer Journal with a “Heart Cries” section (which is not something I’d normally do) because my friend has been put through the ringer this year. I think this section would bring a lot of healing, which is also why I have included the “Encouragement” section after it!

Are you having trouble deciding on the sections?

  • You could use the promises from the brainstorm you did for the verse theme as the section titles.
  • You can parallel the season of life she is in (like #momlife Prayers).
  • You could even use verses to title the sections.

3. Create front pages for each section.

DSC04507 (2)

Each section should have a page that designates its purpose. For example: “#momlife Prayers”. Now, you can seperate the sections with tabs, or you can washi tape a divider in. (Don’t know what washi tape is? Click here and prepare your craft mind to be blown!)

The front of the page should give the title of the section, then the opposite side can be blank or it can have a sentence about what this section is for or why you included it. You can even write a short story or poem. My example above is pretty self-explanatory, so I I left the other side blank.

BTW- that brown stain is coffee AND intentional. It kind of looks like a poop smear, which works too when you have little ones. 😉

4. Decorate the cover and the front page. 

DSC04502 (2)Now that you have created your pages, I’m sure you are in your crafting vibe. This is a great time to create the cover of the journal! In a lot of ways, the cover is the most important.

The front should inspire your friend, she should want to display it in her home, she should enjoy looking at it, she should want her friends to ask her about it.

Obviously, what’s inside is what counts, but if she never wants to pick up her Prayer Journal, she’ll never write in it and nothing will ever be inside.

It is time to decide if you will put the theme verse on the cover or on the front page. Once you choose, thoughtfully plan the cover and the front page, don’t wing it. She will see these two pages more than the rest of the whole Prayer Journal.

For Diane’s cover, I decided on something simple and beautiful. I’m a sucker for Paper Source’s Indian wrapping papers and I will find any excuse to buy them. However, being thrifty, I chose one that I already had that I thought fit her lovely personality.

5. Double check it.

DSC04511 (2)

Make sure everything is properly adhered, the glue is dry, the section pages/tabs are sturdy. Reinforce anything you may need to, if your friend is going to use this, it will be something she keeps forever. Make sure it will last.

6. Bless it.

Yes, actually pray for the Prayer Journal. That makes sense, right?

Start with praying for the whole journal by including the theme verse and then over each section of the journal. Pray for it to lead her into an intimate relationship with God, pray that it will bless her heart and reveal new things to her, pray that she will make it a priority to write in it, pray that she will grow spiritually from it, etc.

7. Wrap it.

giftWhile in crafting mode, you should totally wrap your gift with some extra special touches. You want her to know you put your time and creative energy into this gift. You want her to know it is special.

Write her a card to go with the gift. Explain your heart behind creating her a Prayer Journal, share what you were thinking while making it and why you put in certain sections. Tell her your hopes about how it will bless her when she uses it.

If you have a detailed explanation, it is probably best to wrap the card inside the gift and have a traditional “to/from” on the outside. You don’t want to spoil the surprise!

8. Talk it up.

Yeah, brag about it to your friend. Make sure you aren’t prideful about your abilities to make awesome gift but brag ABOUT YOUR FRIEND TO YOUR FRIEND. “I’m sooo excited to give you your gift! I made it extra special just like you!” “I hope it will bless you because you bless me!” “Oooh, you are so trendy! I made your gift to match your lovely style!” Etc etc etc.

This is actually less of bragging and more complimenting your friend.

9. Wait for Christmas to give your prayer journal.

Whether or not you are present when your friend unwraps her gift, let the gift speak for itself. Don’t ask her what she thinks about it! Let her come to you and express her gratitude. It may take her a moment to realize what she has been given, don’t rush her!

love 2Remember, this gift has soul significance. If you’ve listen to God’s leading, He knows what your friend would like the best and He’ll use it to bless her. He will work through you to create something that will touch your friend’s heart. Trust His leading.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and even pictures of your Prayer Journals!

DON’T MISS OUT! Get your free DIY guide “How to Make a Prayer Journal” below!



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  1. So I think I may actually do a couple of these and I am super excited!! I am for sure making it for my friend’s 15th birthday!
    I think instead of doing a journal though I may do a binder with a little bit more sturdiness to it, as she is a high schooler after all. This also allows her to add pages or take pages as she wishes. Thank you for this awesome idea!! I’m excited!

    1. That is a great idea for someone in high school! I’m so glad that you are excited. I had a lot of fun making this prayer journal for my friend!

  2. This is ABSOLUTELY amazing and SO resourceful. Thank you so much for pouring your heart and insight into this post. You have blessed hundreds of women!!!

    Lanissa Spoon
    Becoming Ministries

    1. Hi Lanissa,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I love making and finding gifts for others and it is fun to share ideas! I hope you have fun making a prayer journal!

  3. Awesome gift idea for Christmas! I was browsing through Pinterest and just casually thought what would be a good Christmas gift for my spiritual family this year, and the idea Prayer Journal came to mind. I searched for Prayer Journal DIY Gift and yours is the first pin! Your step by step guide is so prayerfully thought through. It sure gives me a very clear idea what to do! Doesn’t God work in amazing ways, leading me to your post? 😊❤

    1. Hi Joelle!

      God provides in some of the most surprising of ways! I’m so glad you are thinking about how you can bless your spiritual family. You’ll have a lot of fun making prayer journals for them. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!


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