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Fight My Battles Challenge – Day 5

Today is the last day of our 5 day Battle Challenge! If you’ve been struggling to maintain the peace in your mind and heart during this season, this challenge is for you!

Every day for the next 5 days, I will sharing Scripture and we will use it to repeat the 5 Rs:

1. Read my Bible, 2. Recite Scripture out loud, 3. Replace negative thoughts with Scripture, 4.  Review what God has already done for me, 5. Reach out to others asking how I can pray for them and if they have any physical needs.


(over the next several days): Psalm 91, 23, 27, 46, 121 (AMP & TPT)


God is our protector. When we dwell in Him (like we’re dwelling in our houses right now, constantly), we find ourselves in His protective covering. He is our shelter and deliverer. We have no reason to fear. We have every reason to trust Him.

Please take the next few days to make your way through each of these Psalms. Read them in your normal translation and in the AMP and TPT. Highlight them. Bible journal them with art or your thoughts. Enjoy God’s Word and rest in His goodness.

Keep taking your thoughts captive, be persistent and consistent. Celebrate every baby step, even an increased awareness of your thought life is progress.

Important Reminders

You can overcome all your worries by taking your thoughts captive and putting your trust in God. It is a discipline you must develop.

You must constantly choose to trust God rather than your feelings. Every time worry, fear or anxiety pop up, don’t entertain those thoughts or emotions. Simply tell them to leave and replace those feelings and thoughts with the Word.

Read these verses. Recite them out loud. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Write them verses out if they speak to your heart. Remember to breathe.

Remember what God has already done for you. Pray. Reach out to others. Put on worship music. Distance yourself from the negative thoughts and feelings and review these Scriptures. Put your trust in God.


For extra encouragement, watch this short video below.

I’d love to hear what you thought of this challenge and how it helped you!

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