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Fight My Battles Challenge

Have you been struggling with maintaining joy and peace during this season? The Word of God has the solution and will teach us how to take our thoughts captive instead of letting them take us captive! Come and join our Fight My Battle Challenge hosted here on my blog. 

How to participate:

Every day for 5 days we will read Scripture and use it to repeat the 5 Rs:

1. Read my Bible, 2. Recite Scripture out loud, 3. Replace negative thoughts with Scripture, 4.  Review what God has already done for me, 5. Reach out to others asking how I can pray for them and if they have any physical needs.

We will learn how to fight anxiety, fear, and worry with God’s Word!

Want to join? Simply comment below saying you’re ready to fight your battle and feel free to invite friends to the battle!

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Here’s a short video explaining the purpose behind the Fight My Battles more in depth.

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Amanda Schenkenberger

I'm a wife to a hard working man and a mama of four little adorable boys. We live near Portland, Oregon and we love it. Portland has a great vibe and we love sharing the good news of the gospel with the people here.

I'm a stay at home mom first, then a work at home mom. The kids have to come first. I love people, hiking, coffee, converse, and Jesus. I also love coffee. And another favorite thing of mine is coffee. :) If you like coffee, we should be friends.

My one ridiculous dream I'd really like to come true is to collect one of every Starbucks mug that is related to a city or country.

Have a blessed day!


    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Lavon! I hope it encourages you and gets you in His Word!

      Much love,

    1. Hi Jenniffer,

      I am so glad you found this challenge then! I hope it blesses and encourages you.


  1. This is something I needed to find. My daughter and I fight through anxiety. We have learned to control our anxieties but recently she had an anxiety attack at night before be. My thought started running and as a mother I didnt know how to make her feel safe other than hug her and tell her but it was not enough. I spoke to my husband that I need her to keep her mind busy through this pandemic. Then I ran into your email about the 5 day challenge. Maybe this way we can read the word together and create a journaling on what we read.

    1. Hi Maggie,

      I am so sorry to hear that you and your daughter are dealing with high anxiety. I also used to have panic attacks myself. The Lord taught me to fight back against anxiety through studying and meditating on His Word and through the wonderful power of journaling. Writing can be so helpful to sort out our thoughts and gain clarity and the artistic part can be good for our soul. One of my favorite things about journaling is that it helps us see His faithfulness to us when we are consistent with it.

      This challenge should help you get started on the right foot for journaling and getting into His Word. When this is finished, I would suggest one of my other free challenges to help keep you consistent. You can find them here: https://move-the-mountains.com/bible-journaling-videos/

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


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