“Do I have a God-given purpose?” Free Mini Series

Have you been wondering if you have a God-given purpose? The answer is YES! Join this free video series to learn why you do have a God-given purpose and why you are important to the plan of God!

Have you been wondering if you have a God-given purpose? Have you been thinking that there must be more to this Christian lifestyle but does God really care enough to have specific tasks for you to complete in your life? Even if He does, does it really matter if you do them or not? Could God even use you?

All these questions and more are answered in the free series called, “Do I have a God-given purpose?”

Learn from Scripture why God has a specific purpose for you, how to tune into Him so that you can hear about your purpose, and discover the gifts He has given you to be fruitful in the pursuit of your purpose.

Amanda Schenkenberger, the voice behind Move the Mountains, will take you through God’s Word with Bible journaling (written and art) in order to equip you with helpful tools that will help you understand Scripture, understand yourself better, and open your eyes to the possibility of walking in your purpose.

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