How I Got Here – About


Hi, I am Amanda Schenkenberger and I am thrilled that you are excited to get into God’s Word and cultivate an authentic relationship with Him!

Before I created Move the Mountains, I knew I had a creative seed in me that wanted to blossom and bring God glory by spreading His kingdom around the world but I had no idea how to do that.

Then one day, God told me that He wanted me to begin an adventure in business and it would revolve around art.

I was concerned because I had never drawn well, held a paint brush, nor ever taken a business class, but His directions were so clear, I had to obey Him!

Over the next six months, God revealed to me a Bible study He wanted me to write and how it was based on journaling. He then led me to the journaling Bibles and my mind was blown!

I set out to find the most wonderful journaling Bibles and create the most essential prayer guides, Bible studies, and Bible journaling kits for women who were serious about getting into God’s Word, getting to know Him intimately, and also desired to express the inner creativity that He gave them.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

For more than a year, I sacrificed all down time to learning how to set up a business, create a website, discovering the world of Bible journaling and art, and getting nitty gritty about what the modern woman truly needs to deepen her intimacy with God while maintaining Biblical accuracy. I had to learn all this with being a mom of two small boys, housemaid, cook, wife, be part of the leadership at a new church, and still try to maintain friendships (did I mention I was pregnant with our third for part of this time?).

God told me He needed me to run a metaphoric marathon at this time, so I had to keep going.

Then God blessed it, He blessed it like crazy! And though I’ve slowed down since it all launched in September of 2015, He keeps using what He inspired me to do in such ways I could have never dreamed!

Through it all, God has orchestrated amazing encounters with Him and beautiful women who love Him and I cannot thank Him enough for what adventure He has given me through Move the Mountains, and I hope you find life changing adventure too.