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How to Discover an Exceptional Blog with the Right Heart

Recently, I’ve been combing through the endless lists of blogs to find sparkling gems for you, and you know what I’ve discovered? It is drudgery.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever done a blog hunt, but it almost doesn’t seem worth it! There are far too many lists of the “Top 50” or “Top 100” Christian blogs, and wading through them seems pointless. The only valuable list of top blogs that I’ve found is Top Church Blogs because it is basic on relevant metrics.

But even once you find a great list, how do you pick? Which one is great for you? That is the topic of our discussion today: How to discover an exceptional blog with the right heart!Discovering Exceptional Blog with the Right Heart

Let’s begin by defining what I mean by “exceptional blog” and “right heart”.

An exceptional blog is written by someone (or someones) that is updated weekly or more, provides coherently written articles relevant for someone like you, and inspires you to be the better version of you.

The right heart is the overall intention of the blog. For example, our heart at the MTM Bible Blog is to provide believers with tools they need to serve Jesus while drawing their hearts into an adventure with Him.

While every blog you follow should be an exceptional one, the heart of each will vary depending on what you are looking for.

The first step of finding an exceptional blog actually starts with you. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you will never find it!

To find that diamond in the rough you’ll seriously need a pick axe or you could just follow these steps!

1. What are you looking for?

Do you want a faith-based blog? A marketing blog? A fashion blog? Ask yourself why you are looking for a new blog to follow and what you’re hoping to glean from it.

2. List the topic and three virtues you hope to find.

I.E. I want a lifestyle blog (topic) that is similar to a magazine (virtue), has Christian authors (virtue), and has an prolific IG account (virtue).

(allow me to do some calculations.. bee boop boo bee beep)

BOOM- dalepartridge.com/ (you’re welcome)

3. Reach out to your community.

Friends on Facebook are a wealth of knowledge. I learned about the Pioneer Woman from a single guy friend. You never know who will point you in the right direction.

Just give a quick shout out on your feed asking for people’s favorite blogs about the topic you predetermined.

4. Do a Google search.

Reliable ol’ Google never seems to disappoint me. You could search:

vegan and gluten free food blogs

and get the lovely Dana at minimalistbaker.com who creates exceedingly simple recipes that are vegan and gluten free. (Seriously, yum)

You could search: “blogs like a beautiful mess” (or other popular blogs in the same vein as you want to find) and you’ll likely get a list of “Top Blogs” or Pinterest boards, which can be helpful.

5. Check out the recommended list of Blogs by bloggers you already follow.

(in)courage is a community of Jesus-loving women, and this website’s blog is created from a group of contributors. So, this site lists all of the ladies who create the articles and provides a link to their own personal blogs.

If you find yourself enjoying a specific woman’s writing, you could take a gander at her personal website.

Guess what the easiest part of all this is? If you find a blogger and you want to give them a trial run, you can! If it turns out that the blog isn’t what you expected, you can UNFOLLOW them! And you don’t even have to feel bad!

Well, we’ve listed some topnotch blogs on this post, some of them Christian, some not. There is one more that we would like to mention: Desiring God

This blog is more of what I would call a “Bible Blog”, so if you are a new Christian, some of the “Christianese” may deter you slightly, but other than that I have been encouraged by their articles.

If you would like to see Move the Mountains’ featured Bible Blogs, visit our article below. It will give you great Bible Blogs to follow in varies formats (written, video, etc)!

5 Bible Blogs that will Inspire

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