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How to Pray for Healing in 5 Steps

How to Pray forPraying for healing can be a very emotional experience, especially if you are praying for someone you love. If our hearts are too close to the situation, it can be difficult to remember that we are to pray from the same place of power  as Jesus!

I’ve prayed for people who have had anything from cancer to a broken heart and when I’ve looked into their faces, it is hard not to make their battle my battle, it is hard to check  my emotion at the door…I’m praying for them because I love them! For me, praying without getting my heart all tied up in it seems impossible!

Well, I’m not going to tell you to check your heart at the door, but it is important that you look to Jesus as your example for praying for the sick and broken-hearted. He prayed for people because He loved them but He never let His emotions overrule His position of power.

girl with bibleToday, I’m going to give you a simple outline of how to pray for healing. So, that when you feel your heart strings begin to get entangled, you can still have the right verbiage even though all you want to do is cry.


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How to Pray for Healing:

Step 1

Ask the person about what is going on in their body. Ask what emotional/spiritual issue they are suffering from, if you don’t already know.

Step 2

Thank God for the person you are praying for, it can be specific or general.

Step 3

Tell the sickness in the person’s body or the emotional issue to leave this person in the name of Jesus Christ.

Step 4

Tell the person’s body or mind to be healed/made whole in the name of Jesus.

Step 5

Ask the person if they feel any difference, if not, go through steps 1-4 once or twice more.

Look at Jesus

girl praying with hatYes, it is that simple but this is not a magic formula, this is a guide. Without getting into a deep theological discussion about whether God wants to heal someone or if one person can heal another, simply look at what Jesus did and said.

  • Jesus healed everyone who came to Him.
  • Jesus explained the way to pray. He said for God’s will be done on earth as is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). We know from Revelation 21:4, there is no sickness in heaven.
  • Jesus gave His power and authority to His disciples (Matthew 10:8, Luke 9:1, Luke 10:9).

Being effective in prayer for anything comes from understanding the position of power that Jesus gave you. And also by having faith in His Word. If you don’t understand these things well, praying effectively can be challenging. However, will people still get healed despite your lack of knowledge? YES. By the grace of God, YES!

Never stop

girl with flowersSo, don’t stop praying! If you don’t know about your identity in Christ, I highly suggest to starting watching men like Todd White and Robby Dawkins on YouTube. Robby actually has a book and a movie on identity which I have not reviewed myself, but if you want to check it out, you can click here.

There are also some great documentaries that blew my mind when I started learning about my identity. Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights are all by Darren Wilson. You can actually rent all of them all Amazon, and I highly recommend all three. Click here to view them on Amazon.

I hope these resources inspire you and help you begin to see the everything that Jesus provided for us on the cross and increase your faith!

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