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How to Replace a Lie with the Truth in 3 Steps

How to Replace a LieHave you ever had a song stuck in your head on repeat? You hearing it play as you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up. All you can think about is the song! Lies can work in the same way. So, just like learning how to replace a pesky song, let’s learn how to replace a lie with the truth!

This bad song thing happened to me last week and it was terrible! It was one of my son’s silly songs about belly buttons…pretty bad, I know! But it got me thinking, “How on earth do I get this stinkin’ song out of my head?” It is simple, I replace it with a new and better song. Then it occurred to me, this is how you replace a lie!

Humans have a tendency to over complicate things. When we are faced with a challenge (like learning how to replace a lie with the truth), we easily get overwhelmed because we don’t know the steps to take. I’m going to break down how to replace a lie with the truth in 3 easy steps so you don’t have to be swamped with figuring it out yourself!

1. How to Replace a Lie: Identify its Root

rootThis is probably the hardest step but it is essential to the process. If you fail in identifying a lie’s root, the nasty thing will crop up again like a weed. What we believe about ourselves and God can manifest itself in different ways but it can be caused by the same source. You could possibly kill two birds with one stone (or three or four!) when you search out the root of a lie.

If you’re struggling with self-confidence, valuing yourself, or seeing yourself as a beautiful creation of God, it is probably because you are believing a lie like this: you are not enough and too much at the same time.

If you are having difficulties trusting God, His Word, or seeing Him as faithful, it probably has to do with a lot of let downs from flawed people in your life. Maybe your mom was unreliable, your dad absent, or your friends unsupportive. Because of your experiences, you could be projecting that on God, which is not His character.

typewriter 1How do you identify the root of a lie? Take some quiet time and ask God, “What lie am I believe about myself (or about You)?” Write out whatever comes to mind and ask God which one is the root. Then move to step two.

If hearing the voice of God is a challenge for you, I’ve written many articles about the topic, including a Bible study. Click here to learn about how to hear God.

2. Search God’s Word for His Truth

open bookDiscovering what God says about you is incredible. Once you become a Christian, God gives you a new identity. He calls you His child, His beloved, a queen, a priest and more! Doing a Bible study about this will do your soul a world of good if you struggle with self esteem issues!

I have an infographic called “Who I am” that creatively provides many of our new names. This should help you get started. I suggest you pick a few names that speak to your heart, find the verses in the Bible, and read the surrounding chapter.

Click here to download your infographic called “Who I am”!

If you are believing lies about God, a good place to start is by learning His name’s. He has many and they are all really cool! My favorites are YAHWEH-JIREH, YAHWEH-RAPHA, and ELOHIM.

girl with phone 1If you look them up online, it is questionable if you will find a correct translation, so I highly suggest looking them up in the Strong’s Concordance, which can be accessed through BibleHub.com by clicking here (use the search bar at the top) or download eSword by clicking here and use the Strong’s Concordance that they include in their free Bible study software.

3. Pluck Out the Lie and Replace it with the Truth

During this quiet time, write and verbally tell God that you are removing the root of the lie and that you no longer choose to believe it. Then say and write the truth of God’s that you chose to believe instead of the lie.

flowerIf you are a visual person, you can picture the lie as an ugly weed. Then picture that you are removing it from your heart and mind. Then, you can imagine planting a beautiful flower in the hole where the lie-weed was!

Whenever the thought comes up to believe the lie, verbally say, “I no longer believe that lie, I believe God’s truth, which is _____!” I know saying this out loud will probably make you feel silly, but it is important!

There is power in declaring the Word of God verbally. Romans 10:10 says, “For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.” So, if you want to be saved from the lie, then confess the truth with your mouth!

biblestudyTo replace a lie with the truth is as simple as that! Depending on how well rooted the lie is and how well you know the Bible, it may take you longer than others to complete the process, but that is okay! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Be made holy by the truth of God! John 17:17


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  1. This very topic is something I have been struggling with so much recently and praying that God would show me resources on HOW to do this. So I was very excited to find this post and utilize the resources! A couple of things I was eager to get my hands on, the links in your post are broken though. Can you help me with these: InfoGraphic of Who I Am & How to Hear God. I would appreciate it SO much. May God bless you.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for alerting me to those link errors. I have gone through and fixed them! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment because I had no idea.

      Here is the infographic: https://move-the-mountains.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/identityinfographic.pdf
      Here is the hearing God Bible study: https://move-the-mountains.com/product/hearing-god-bible-study-for-women/

      Please let me know if there anything else I can help you with!


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