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Can You Suddenly Learn How to Draw Better with God’s Help?

learnhowtodrawbetter (2)Can you suddenly learn how to draw better with God’s Help? Yes, you can. But you’re probably thinking, “Get real, Amanda. Don’t give me false hope.” I’m hear to tell you that it is possible!

If you want to be a doubter, that is your deal but I have experienced this for myself and I want all you Bible journaling folk out there to have the same encounter with the Father!

Almost one year ago exactly, God started giving me a new vision for my online shop, a vision that would encompass all that I desired, something that I am still discovering. God had been desiring to bless me like crazy but He had to wait until I was ready.

Today, I’m going to give you a small piece of my story because I want to inspire you. I want you to know that our God is a God of miracles and His love for you is crazy.

Learn how to draw – my journey

DSC01987 (2)All my life, I’ve wanted to draw. I had these amazing pictures in my head (I’m a visual sort of girl) and I wanted to share them with people. Pictures of majestic horses, beautiful landscapes, visions of friends in freedom, the spiritual realm, etc. I know the pictures I see draw people closer to God and I want to be part of their story of discovering Him!

I had great aspirations of sharing these visions with people through illustration but when pen and paper met, it was awful. Totally uninspiring. I felt so defeated and crushed. It made me not want to share (even in words) what I have been seeing.

girl writingBut God had other plans. He told me a year ago that I was going to start a business based around my drawings. I said, “What drawings?” to which He replied, “The ones I am going to give you.”

When I told my friends, some were doubtful. My grade school girlfriend said, “But you don’t draw…” when I told her. She was absolutely correct. I didn’t draw, but God said I was going to learn how to draw and I had confidence in Him.

Beginning the journey

Now, I’m not going to say, “I sat down and beautiful pictures flowed out of me!” because they didn’t. But God put a picture of an anatomical heart in my head and told me to go for it.

And it was work. I had to find a picture of a real heart (so icky to look at) to base my drawing off of and meticulously reproduce it. After I got the general shape, I made copies and started playing with it.

DSC01734 (2)

I played with charcoal, pencil, pen. But this drawing ended up flowing out of me after a few weeks of trying. If you had asked me a year ago if I could draw something like this, I would have said, “Never.”

DSC01721 (2) botanicalart3 (2)

Shortly after that one came out, so did these illustrations. Not only did these drawings come out, so did these poems to match them (I’ve written poetry for my whole life).

The outpour of my heart
Sings with the hosts of heaven
Freedom reigns here
Freedom remains here
Freedom has a refrain here.
Tree of Righteousness
Humble beginnings
Seedlings must grow deep roots
In order to have boughs that greet the sky
So that when the wind blows
It does not question the ground’s faithfulness.
Freshly Anointed
Bursting forth from my heart
When the fragrance of flowers
Causes me to forget the burdens as
His promises are brought to my remembrance.

Now, these may not look super special to you, and that is ok. But for someone who has never EVER taken a drawing class and could not draw a month before she started producing these, they are pretty good.

A change

Then finally gaining some steam, I took a verse I had been meditating on for a while, Joshua 1:9, and asked God to give me a vision to draw it. He showed me an arrowhead, and I went to work.

After a few days, my best work to date flowed out of me beautifully. At first, my dad didn’t even believe that I created it; and now I am actually excited to put this one in the boys’ room!arrowhead

How do do this?

For someone who doesn’t draw well and wants to learn how to draw better with God’s help, you may be thinking, “Ok, this is great for you, but how do I do this?” True to my teacher nature, I’m going to give you some action steps:

1. Begin asking God to learn how to draw (or paint or sculpt or whatever) by supernatural means. 

Ask Him for this gift! Tell Him why you want to learn to be artistic, explain your heart’s desire (He knows, but do you?). Ask Him how you can use this gift for Him; dream with Him. Maybe He wants you to create art for non-Christians as an opportunity to share the gospel, perhaps He wants you to start a non-profit benefiting your church, etc.

Let the possibilities carry your heart into belief.

2. Believe you will learn how to draw.

The Bible says that anyone who asks for something from God and wavers in his faith should expect to receive nothing (James 1:6-7).

That sounds a bit harsh but God is being real. He probably is not going to give you something of the kingdom if you are going to doubt the use of it. If you doubt the kingdom, how are you suppose to share its glory?

Now you may believe that God CAN do this, but not for you. So, this does not have to do with believing God is faithful, but believing you are WORTHY.

girlhandsLet me tell you, YOU ARE WORTHY.

Why? God made you, He loves you, He qualifies you (Colossians 1:12), and He wants to give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). You are worthy because of Him. You (and I) have done nothing to deserve this worthiness and we can do nothing to loose it. It is purely based on God: He says you are worthy, therefore YOU ARE.

3. Start your artistic journey

If it is drawing, sit down with a pencil and paper and figure out what you want to draw (click here to go to pinterest, it is a great place to start). If it is painting, get your colors ready. If it is sculpturing, prep your materials. Quiet yourself like you would for your personal study time and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your hands, believe that He is, and do it!

It is likely that it won’t be perfect, and that is ok. But keep focusing on God, believing Him, and learning to be a conduit for Him. Breath Him into what you are doing. Pray while you are doing. Talk to Him about what you want to make and GO SLOW. It is actually a great exercise in teaching your mind and body to submit to God.

Live and move and find your being in Him. Remember, it is a process. But know that God can and will move in you to help you learn how to draw better. Because, if He’ll do it for me, He’ll do it for you. 🙂

To all those wondering: Yes, potty training went well. It took longer than I expected (we definitely needed those two weeks off) but my little dude is well on his way!

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  1. This Bible study I have done through Amanda has helped me overcome so much a mother, wife, and Christian woman. I am forever grateful.

    1. Hi Haley,

      I am so blessed to hear that! Thank you for sharing, it is encouraging to hear the stories of other women. 🙂


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