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It’s Move the Mountains’ Launch Day! Meet the Schenkenbergers.

Oh man, thanks to my good Lord and Savior, this day has finally come. I’m relieved but excited! This day has literally been 9 months in the making, which coincidentally is how long it takes to cook a baby, so in a way, Move the Mountains is my baby.

My family and I are at the beginning of something great, something that will change our lives, so it seems fitting to introduce us now.

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The Schenkenberger Tribe

<—-This is my face…well, half of it at least. I apologize if I look slightly crazed, two children under 3 years old, little sleep, lots of coffee, and launching an online presence will give your eyes a wild look.

The Schenkenberger Tribe is made up of my husband, Ben, myself, and our two sons, Judah and Bubba Zeke.

A little bit about me:

  • We live near Portland, Oregon
  • I go by Mandy
  • Starbucks was my life for 7 years (the coffee is strong with this one.)

DSC02344 (2)I love where I live, the scenery is beautiful and the people are eclectic. I love Jesus, coffee, lavender, and my family. There is my WHOLE face. ———–>

My husband, Ben, and I got married young, 21 for him and 19 for me. It was a rough ride and I never thought we would end up happily married or successful (at anything).


The Boys

We have two beautiful sons who are NOT available for adoption, thank you very much.

Judah is our oldest and a typical firstborn, assertive and outspoken. Zeke is sweet and goofy, and they get along great, which is a huge blessing.


I love being a work at home mama, but it is very difficult, and I am not a complainer.

daddy and jThat is our little tribe for now…and yes, we are planning on making more beautiful babies.

A Family Business

The reason I wanted to introduce us is because you need to know that Move the Mountains is a family affair. It is seriously like we added another member to the family.

God inspired me to create Move the Mountains. This was crazy because I have no business experience at all (not even a single biz class). So, everything you see on the website was done by me and the Holy Spirit. Every word written, every page designed, each product created, and almost all the pictures were taken by yours truly.

In conjunction to building this website, I have also developed this blog, Move the Mountains’ Instagram Account, Facebook Page, and created an Inspirational Newsletter. (Feel free to follow, like, and sign up for these!That is a lot for a stay at home mom with two young children and a husband who works long hours.

Also, I want you to know that if you make a purchase from us, your money is going to a family, not to some corporate executive.

We have personally financed this en devour, we did not take out a loan. I worked for a girlfriend who owns an Etsy shop, I nannied, and my husband put in extra hours to make this a reality.

This business is blessed by God, I have no doubt, but I want to directly ask you to check our website, www.move-the-mountains.com, with the intention of looking for something to buy.


Not ready to support us?

If you don’t find something today, come back when you are shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts. Investing in someone’s soul with a Journaling Bible is a far better gift than a fruitcake.

This will not only help spread the word about Move the Mountains, but it will also help the search engines like Google know we are legit.

Well, I think the task list I have just given you is enough for now! I’ll go ahead and summarize it and you can do whatever part of it that you like!

What you can do to help Move the Mountains

  1. Check out www.Move-the-Mountains.com with the intention of buying something (Bible study, prayer journal, or even our eBook).
  2. While you are visiting the website, “Like” a page and “Share” it on Facebook.
  3. Follow us on your favorite social networks: Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  4. Sign up for our Inspirational Newsletter!

The boys and I greatly appreciate your support at Move the Mountains. 

So, much so that we make sure we donate 10% of our sales to the needy families in the Portland area.

See you on the website!

Move the Mountains inspirational art

About Author

Amanda Schenkenberger

I'm a wife to a hard working man and a mama of four little adorable boys. We live near Portland, Oregon and we love it. Portland has a great vibe and we love sharing the good news of the gospel with the people here.

I'm a stay at home mom first, then a work at home mom. The kids have to come first. I love people, hiking, coffee, converse, and Jesus. I also love coffee. And another favorite thing of mine is coffee. :) If you like coffee, we should be friends.

My one ridiculous dream I'd really like to come true is to collect one of every Starbucks mug that is related to a city or country.

Have a blessed day!

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