Beginner Watercolor Kit for Bible Journaling


Dive into Bible journaling with this special beginner watercolor kit for Bible journaling. It’s time to dabble in the Word.

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Beginner Watercolor Kit for Bible Journaling

Dabble with ease in watercolors

Just starting your creative journey in God’s Word? Grab this easy to use beginner watercolor kit for Bible journaling and dabble with watercolors in the Word.

Why choose watercolors? Enjoy painting without the worry of covering up Scripture with your art. Also, watercolors are very forgiving much like the color black is slimming. 😉

Why choose this kit?
It comes with 2 stencils to help you with the creative process and you get to try 2 different kinds of watercolors, pan and pencil. You’re also supplied with a brush!

This beginners kit comes with a Pitt pen for lettering and note-taking!


-9 pan watercolors
-3 watercolor pencils
-Paintbrush included
-1 fine lined Pitt pen (safe for journaling)
-2 stencils with creative ideas inside for inspiration
-Non-toxic and acid-free paints
-Smooth and highly pigmented
-Produced by Faber-Castell
-Pan colors: Lemon yellow, orange, rose red, pink, light purple, blue, blue green, green, yellow green
-Pencil colors: Light magenta, emerald green, crimson

I have personally used many different kinds of watercolors and watercolor pencils in my journaling Bibles and these are easy to use and fun.

They go on smoothly, the colors already match together well, and they blend very easily. Plus, the stencils make creation easy.

If you are new to Bible journaling or watercolor, I highly recommend this beginner watercolors kit for Bible journaling.

Have a question? Reach out to Amanda, she loves helping women get into their Bibles!

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