Gold Watercolors


Add a little shine to your journaling Bible with these gold watercolors, great for lettering and embellishments.

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Gold Watercolors

Let your Bible glimmer

Add a little bit of shine to your Bible journaling entries! This lovely gold watercolor set features 6 high-quality golds of varying warmth and tone.

They work wonderfully in a journaling Bible to add a subtle embellishment or to catch your eye boldly with thick strokes. Activate with water and apply with a brush.

Details about the gold watercolors

-6 various degrees of gold
-Can add a light sheen or be thickly lettered with
-Made in Japan
-Safe for journaling Bibles
-For professionals and crafters (works with calligraphy nibs)
-Perfect for lettering and illustrations
-By Kuretake Gansai Tambi
-Great for black paper too
-Colors: Blue Gold, Red Gold, Yellow Gold, Champagne Gold, Light Gold, White Gold

Personally, I have used this set for years and it is one of my favorites. I add it to galaxies, sunsets, lettering, and a shiny backdrop for simple pieces.

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