• Is your heart's desire to hear God more clearly? There is good news, God wants to answer that prayer! Start today with our Hearing God Bible Study Kit.

Hearing God Bible Study Kit


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This is a step-by-step Bible study that will guide you through Scripture to start hearing God through Bible study, prayer, and journaling.


This Hearing God Bible Study Printable Kit features 5 tools to help women dive into the Bible by equipping them with practical tools to begin hearing God through Bible study, prayer, and journaling.

This is not just another Bible study lesson: this kit is a step-by-step guide through Scripture to help you start hearing God better.

Once you have completed these Bible study worksheets that incorporate writing as well as artistic journaling, we believe you will be able to distinguish the voice of God better, better than you may have thought possible.

At Move the Mountains, we wholeheartedly believe that learning to hear God’s voice is vital to the beginning of an authentic relationship with God and an essential step in walking in the call He has on your life.


Christian women who are struggling with hearing God.


You will be given the tools and knowledge to begin hearing God step-by-step. You will be able to use these tools again and again in your walk of faith.

If you want to truly start living for God and walking in His blessings, this is a good place to start. Following the steps provided in our Hearing God Bible Study Kit will help transform you into the person God is calling you to be.

Are you ready for your adventure with God?


Instant download in zip file as soon as you purchase
Handy printable checklist is included
Everything is printable in PDF’s
2 bonuses included



Hearing God eBook – An Adventurer’s Guide
Establishes a strong Biblical foundation for hearing God

Bible study lesson for Hearing God
Teaches you a step-by-step roadmap you can use to hear God again and again

Self-evaluation form & Faith Action Guide
Gives you a practical and personalized plan to help you walk out your faith

Commitment Prayer
Provides the structure you need to create a personal prayer that will help you turn your goal of hearing God better into a repeatable plan

Who I am in Christ reference guide
Presents what the Bible says about you as a new creation in Christ, because you are redefined by the sacrifice of Jesus



2 floral PNG files that you can download to your computer or phone with our key verse of Jeremiah 29:13

A 10% discount code for a future purchase with Move the Mountains




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