Scripture Lettering Class Companion: Illuminated Ephesians Scripture Journal


Use this Illuminated Scripture journal to letter your way through Ephesians after taking the Scripture Lettering Class!

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Illuminated Ephesians Scripture Journal

Inspiring gold illustrations + space for creativity

The Illuminated Ephesians Scripture Journal is an ideal place to dive in God’s Word through the art of lettering.

It is a great fit for those who have taken the Scripture Lettering Online Class and are ready to use their new skills right beside God’s Word.

Inside, you’ll find opposite every page of Scripture, a blank page with faint gray grid dots to guide hand writing and art.

It features the trusted English Standard Version.


  • Font: 11.75
  • 5.75 in x 8.0 in
  • Wide margins
  • Thin notebook
  • Lays flat for writing
  • English Standard Version
  • Beautiful gold foil design pressed into the cover
  • An easy to read, single-column, paragraph format
  • Grid dot pages (faint grey) opposite each page of Bible text
  • Thick, opaque, cream-colored paper, different from a journaling Bible’s paper

This Scripture Journal only features the Book of Ephesians.

Its paper is opaque and thick, while a journaling Bible’s is thin and semitransparent.

The margins of the Scripture Journal are about an 1.25 inches while a typical journaling Bible has 2 inch margins.

The font size for the Journal is 11.75 and typical journaling Bibles are around 7.5.

Each page opposite Scripture contains faint grey grid dots, while most journaling Bibles have faintly ruled margins.


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