Iridescent Gelatos Set


Get creative with these gelato pigment sticks, they are safe and easy to use.

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Iridescent Gelato Set

These pigment sticks are easy and safe to use - fun too!

Looking for safe Bible art journaling supplies that are easy to use? Gelatos can be used safely in journaling Bibles and are very versatile.

They can be vibrant colors or soft colors depending on how you blend them.

Gelatos pigment sticks are so easy to use because they simply glide onto the page and you blend them to your satisfaction (and it is really satisfying!).

You can use water, baby wipes, or the smudge tools included in this gelatos kit to blend these beautiful colors.

This large gelato set features 12 iridescent colors, meaning they have a nice shine to them but aren’t overly sparkly and not quite metallic.

These art journaling supplies are some of my favorite to use because of the beautiful colors that are featured in this set. Learn more below…

Details about this iridescent gelato pigment stick set

– Set of 12 iridescent colors (a smooth sheen, not full of sparkles)
– Safe for your journaling Bible
– Translucent (can still read Scripture through the colors)
– Water-soluble
– 3 blending tools (a paintbrush, a soft sponge, and a hard sponge)
Versatile Medium: Use to watercolor, stamp, mix with other mediums, create a mist with water, stamp, use with stencils, layer, combine to create new colors and highlight in journaling Bibles
– High-quality product from Faber-Castell

The colors included in this set: Starburst, Black Hole, Odyssey, Lunar, Mars, Blue Moon, Comet, Nebula, Galaxy, Stardust Satellite, Supernova.

Want to learn more about how you can use gelatos in your journaling Bible? Check out this blog where I share tips and tricks for journaling with them!


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