Safe Bible Pens – Extras for Wedding Bibles


Grab an extra set of safe Bible pens for your guests at the ceremony or for personal use once the happily ever after begins.

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Safe Bible Pens

Grab and extra set for the ceremony

Are you ordering a wedding Bible and would like an extra set of safe Bible pens for your guests to sign with or for your personal entries? Grab this extra set to make sure you don’t run out during the ceremony or for your happily ever after!

Remember, every wedding Bible will come with ONE black Micron pen, this is only if you would like a few more.

3 Black Micron pens in size 03 for crisp, clear writing.

Micron pens are a Bible’s best friend! They will not bleed or fade because of their high quality ink (archival ink).  They are Move the Mountains approved and essential for Bible marking.

Would you like to learn more about which art supplies we consider “Journaling Bible Approved”? Click here to see our helpful PDF!


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