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Scriptural Affirmations – God


Encourage yourself with the Word of God through Scriptural affirmations. Instantly download these beautiful affirmation cards featuring who God is for you.

*Printable download in PDF


Scriptural Affirmations

Remind yourself of who God is

Life has been known to throw us a curve ball now and then. When it does, we can often lose sight of who God is and become discouraged.

In those moments, we need a reminder of who God is to us and for us. But where do we look in the Bible? We can start right here with these affirmation cards about God.

Each of these Scriptural affirmation cards were designed to remind you of who God is while giving you Bible references to help you dive into His Word.

These simple yet lovely little cards feature phrases which you can speak aloud to help transform your thinking from discouraged to empowered.

Remember who God is and live your faith out loud.

Once you make your purchase, you can print this page as many time as you would like.

I highly recommend that you save this file to your computer so you can print it again and again! That’s one of the great things about these printable self-affirmation Gods for Christians.

Insider tip: Get these printed on cardstock at an office store for vibrancy of color and durability.

All printable affirmation cards are included on a single, hi-resolution PDF file for crisp clean printing. However, colors may vary from photos.


After your purchase, you will be able to instantly download this file as a PDF. After checkout, you’ll be directed to a webpage with a  link to your new download. We recommend downloading the file immediately and saving it.

If you aren’t directed to the link after purchase, navigate to your “purchase” page and click on “download”, or check your email for the link to download your file.

Printable affirmation cards are INSTANT DOWNLOADS, this includes:
  • 1 PDF file: 8.5 x 11 inch page
  • 2 PDF pages, one with affirmation cards, one with copyright information
  • 8 different affirmations with Scripture references
  • Best printed in color
  • Easy-to-print
  • This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD only. No physical copy will be mailed to you.
  • PDF files usually can only be printed from a laptop or desktop computer. Generally, tablets and smart phones do not have the capabilities to do this.


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