Scripture Lettering Class Companion: Pens only


The Scripture Lettering Class Companion: PENS ONLY

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Scripture Lettering Class: Pen kit

Tools to help you creatively engage in God's Word

The Scripture Lettering Class Pens Kit contains the pens that are demonstrated in the online class.

There is 1 Micron pen, size 03. The perfect size for beginners because it is fine enough for faux lettering yet thick enough to resist tip breakage.

Also included in this pen kit is 1 Tombow brush pen. It is a soft tip brush pen, which is the recommended firmness for a beginner. It helps a new letterer begin to learn control with up and down strokes.


  • 1 Tombow soft tip brush pen – black
  • 1 Micron pen size 03 – black
  • 1 “Write His Word on Your Heart” pencil



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