Watercolor Kit for Bible Journaling


Paint anything from simple backgrounds to elaborate sunsets in your journaling Bible with this compact watercolor set.

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Watercolors for Bible Journaling

Begin blending beautiful watercolors

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of watercolors? Check out this full watercolor kit for Bible journaling which supplies all the tools necessary to begin.

It features 18 long-lasting watercolor rounds of high-quality, deep-colored pigments with a refillable water brush and a ceramic water dish. Portable and easy to use!

Details about this watercolor kit

-18 vibrant pigmented colors
-1 sponge
-1 ceramic water dish
-1 refillable water brush
-Lid palate for mixing
-Safe for Bible journaling

This compact set of watercolors for Bible journaling packs a punch in the color department.

Personally, I have had a blast using it for vibrant sunsets and mixing my favorite color of purple. As you can see from the photos, this set does leave a shadow on the backside of the Bible journaling page because of its vibrancy.

Shadowing is easily avoidable. Simply put down a layer or two of gesso on the page before you start your entry. This will prevent the shadow (I suggest the art basics brand).

I don’t usually use gesso, as you can see from the photos. If you have any other questions, please reach out and send me a message, I love helping people get into Scripture.

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